The Meikles Hotel


The Meikles Hotel, acclaimed as Zimbabwe’s premier luxury hotel, will turn 100-years old in 2015. Situated in the heart of the capital city, Harare, Meikles Hotel has witnessed the many events that have shaped the nation’s past.
The feeling that struck us when we looked at Meikles was that she needed more than a refurbishment; she needed to be brought back to life. With the tight budget available we needed to be bold and embrace her position in the city of Harare as it is today. She had to stand out as one of a kind, repositioned in a changing environment yet not losing her status as the landmark she is.
Our vision was to build on the country’s style and heritage, yet push it into the global marketplace. We wanted the hotel to be a metaphor for the optimism of the country and its people and a recognition that Zimbabweans don’t have to give up their culture to go forward. “Learning from the past; building for the future”.


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